Acupuncture session

Dr. Morgan is passionate about your health and the results of Acupuncture. Whether your condition is for pain, organ related disorders, chronic syndromes, headache, sinus congestion or infertility. With her advanced training, Dr. Morgan takes great strides to a customized treatment of acupuncture for results you will be amazed about!

Dr. Kristin Morgan and the staff at Morgan Chiropractic & Acupuncture PC want to make your acupuncture experience one you will remember. Dr. Morgan has over 150 hours of training in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Meridan Therapy. Dr. Morgan is of the few doctors in Lincoln, NE that provide TCM acupuncture with needles! This technique orginated over 2000 years ago in Ancient China and is still used today to treat many diseases and disorders of the body!

Want to know more? Dr. Morgan provides all new patients with a FREE consultation to discuss acupuncture and if its right for you. If acupuncture is something for you, Dr. Morgan will evaluate your condition and provide you with a recommended treatment plan. You will be able to enjoy and relax in our acupuncture room for 20-30 minutes for your first treatment!

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